Our engineers have already pioneered exciting digital innovations, like our artCircles app for iPad and Visual Search. But we're pushing the creative boundaries even further by inventing new and imaginative ways to experience art.

Read on to learn more about the intersection of art, tech, and you.

Our ambitious vision puts "Tech DNA" at the heart of our business strategy. That's why we've created Art.com Labs. To complement our corporate mission, we see our technology challenge as:

Solving the art discovery challenge is a tough task. It requires an array of technologies, including novel search algorithms, machine intelligence, Big Data and various psychographic models to marry color, style and taste with the best images. Our vision is much bigger than just images, but to find out more, you'll have to join the team!

We're a small team, so we wear many hats – design, coding, strategy, research, UX. We're obsessed with color, imagery, décor, and the context and future of art. This is not a "tell us what to build" kind of team. We think those things up. We are thinker-builders.

Our current labs activities fall into three areas:

  1. Novel discovery and search techniques
  2. Digital art
  3. Mobile and Augmented Experiences

If you have technology DNA, a disruptive spirit and a fascination with solving some of the tech challenges above, or if you just have some blow-our-hair-back products and ideas at the intersection of art and tech, we want to hear from you. Check our job openings or email us at labs@art.com.