Country Chic, Global Inspiration and Pop Culture Among Top Fall Trends in Wall Decor

Leading Online Destination Inc. Offers Insight into What’s “In” for the Upcoming Season

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (June 12, 2008) – When it comes to decorating walls for fall, country chic style, global art and pop culture are inspiring the season’s latest looks. According to Inc., a leading authority in wall décor and the world’s largest online retailer of posters, prints and framed art, incorporating new wall décor is the easiest and most cost-effective way to refresh a home or dorm room for fall. The company today announced the launch of its fall collections, which take cues from a variety of sources, including French country scenery, exotic African safaris, and the music and entertainment icons of yesterday and today

“The products we’re featuring this fall are inspired by products that have already been bestsellers across our brands, but have been updated and reinterpreted for the fall season. Our customers have shown that they are particularly interested in wall décor items that reflect the tranquil beauty of nature, international themes, and a renewed interest in American pop culture icons,” said Gary Takemoto, senior vice president of merchandising. “Wall décor is a relatively low-cost way to completely revamp or refresh the look and feel of a space. We have taken these trends and made them accessible and affordable for consumers around the world.”

Takemoto explains that Inc. offers an unparalleled assortment of more than one million items (many of which are Inc. exclusives) as well as a variety of services (including framing and canvas), to help define and complete any decorating vision. He offers the following guidelines to help new and experienced home decorators incorporate the latest trends to update their living spaces for fall 2008:

Country Chic Style: Described as a “marriage” of California comfort and French refinement, this updated country look has evolved beyond Shabby Chic® and incorporates more sophistication and color, especially blues and greens. “Country styles have always been popular,” said Takemoto. “This fall, look for updated versions of antique maps, countryside pieces and French-inspired images, interpreted in a comfortable, yet refined way.” Global Inspiration: European, Asian and especially African-inspired wall décor emerge this fall.

Global Inspiration recognizes the growing trend in travel and exploration, projecting a level of sophistication and connecte ness to the world at large. This fall, African Safari is a key theme, with an emphasis on African imagery and animal prints in earth-tone colors. Asian influence also remains a lasting trend, with a look and color palette that is exotic, yet still easily incorporated into a broad array of home décor styles.

Pop Culture: American pop culture icons such as Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe are making a comeback this fall, not only by adults re-discovering them but also by younger generations discovering them for the first time. Once popular in black and white, pop-art has re-emerged in oversized and multiple pieces, with particular emphasis on bright colors such as yellows, pinks and greens. Music icons will also be key, from classic rockers such as Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan to more modern artists. “These are pieces that work well either in the home or the dorm room,” noted Takemoto.

Nature and Spa: An ongoing focus on wellness and a connection to nature will be conveyed through abstract canvases in soothing colors, incorporating natural themes that help create a tranquil environment. Hand-crafted originals consisting of natural objects including shells, botanicals, ferns and bamboo will be desirable this fall, as these pieces illustrate the unparalleled beauty of nature.

Longer-term trends in wall décor that continue this fall include oversized pieces and multiple sets. “Oversized pieces are in high demand right now,” added Takemoto. “Homes are getting bigger these days and it’s easier to decorate with a single oversized piece that makes a strong statement. Also, one way to build more uniqueness into a space is to leverage re-interpretations of existing pieces - for example, a single print cut into multiple pieces or a traditional print converted into a different format, such as canvas or tapestry.”

His final advice? “Let your personal interests guide your design inspiration and don’t be afraid to try something new.”

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