KLIO™ Launches Digital Décor Experience

EMERYVILLE, CA (October 1, 2015) - KLIO™, an emerging Bay Area brand committed to shaping the next-generation of art, today announced the launch of an interactive device and platform designed to provide a revolutionary digital décor experience that brings motion-rich digital art to life in the home or office. What was once experienced mostly online and in galleries as art installations can now be enjoyed in the form of digital décor. [VIDEO]

Born in Labs, the innovation division of art and framing services e-tailer, KLIO offers access to the widest, most robust selection of digital art currently available, allowing users to showcase, experience and enjoy an expansive selection of digital artwork in any personal or commercial space.

"We believe that art lovers are thirsty for something new, and that digital artists deserve a platform for experimenting and expressing themselves in their medium. We didn't just bring existing art to KLIO in digitized form," comments Nasos Topakas, CTO. "We set out to solve the problem of how to deliver a meaningful digital décor experience that can showcase newly pioneered art genres."

Ground-Breaking Digital Art Genres—The device comes equipped with a one-year subscription that provides access to an initial bundle of art containing hundreds of digital works; from classic art to cinemagraphs and novel digital art genres like:

  • Morph Art: Our groundbreaking digital art form that morphs between states to evoke varied perceptions
  • Chrono Art: Pioneered by Labs, this unique art form transforms digital artworks continuously over time (e.g., day, month or year)
  • Clock Art: Any type of exhibit that can visually convey the actual time, either graphically (clock hands, sundials) or typographically (12:10)

The KLIO iOS App - Remote & Discovery Experience—Users may experience digital art on demand via the KLIO device or its (iOS-compatible) companion app, enabling discovery and access to KLIO’s entire art collection.

Art Subscription Service—After enjoying your first-year bundle of art for free, users will be able to select from a number of purchase options, which may include an annual subscription (beginning at $9.99 per month), as well as premium art pieces and limited editions available for purchase a la carte.

Handcrafted Frames in Range of Styles—KLIO offers a premier collection of custom frames featuring a range of finishes and high-quality materials, all handcrafted in the U.S.A. and designed to complement a variety of décor styles.

Initially, beginning in October, KLIO will be available for pre-orders (expected to ship in November) only at Prices range from $999 to $2,499, depending on model. For more information about KLIO, please visit or follow us on Twitter @kliodigital.

About KLIO
KLIO™ - Experience Art Evolving™ KLIO is a platform for experiencing mesmerizing digital art in the home. It gives art lovers a way to experience art evolving before their very eyes and it enables digital artists to create, sell and share their digital artwork with the world. KLIO’s extensive selection of digital works means there’s always something new to explore. Subscribe to innovative art collections and experience tomorrow’s art today.